Designer Reet Aus is dedicated to slow fashion and her upcycled collection is entirely made from post-production leftovers. She keeps proving that clever design can salvage mountains of unused textiles and the natural resources spent to produce them.

She has developed an industrial upcycling method that involves complete lifecycle analysis of the garments. The method enables to circulate the leftover materials back to production inside the same factory. Most mass-production manufacturers are left with average 18% of pre-consumer textile waste that usually is taken to landfill or burned.  Each garment in Reet Aus collection saves on average 75% water, 88% energy and creates 80% less CO2. Collection is produced following UPMADE Certification criteria in Beximco, Bangladesh.

Reet Aus collection's concept aims to provide essential items of clothing that can be worn through different seasons. The looks are clean, simple and designs very wearable. Each collection is updated with few new additional styles that match the ongoing designs.

Designer Reet Aus has won many local and international awards, the latest being listed as one of the Top 20 Women in Business in Northern Europe by Nordic Business Report (2015) and Estonian President has given the The Order of the White Star, class V (2016)

Aus Design Llc. was awarded as Most Environmentally Friendly Company in Estonia (2013), runner-up at European Business Awards for the Environment (2014) and runner-up at I:COLLECT Award (2015).

Photos: Dmitri Gerasimov
Make up: Anu Konze
Model: Reet Aus