World Cleanup Day 


Help to clean up by opting for a World Cleanup Day official t-shirt that is made entirely out of textile leftovers. Leftovers otherwise discarded and ending up in waste landfills in Bangladesh and India.

It is called the Up-shirt. Our mission is very simple – efficient use of planet`s resources by upcycling. Every Up-shirt by Reet Aus™ is produced out of textile leftovers in Bangladesh and in India helping to significantly reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills and thus reduce the environmental footprint in the fashion industry.

Our target is to salvage 5 tons of textile leftovers!

Each World Cleanup Day Up-shirt saves on average 170g of textile from landfills; saves 91% of water, 86% of energy and 81% of less CO2 emission in production and gives profits to the Lets Do It Wold Foundation to organise the World Cleanup day on the 15th of September 2018.

Designed from selected small material, for the most efficient possible use of leftover textiles.

Compared to a regular shirt, every World Cleanup Day t-shirt saves 91% water and 86% energy.

Men's cut
Women's cut
Back stitch
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